1. As entrepreneurs, we want to partner with personalities and not profiles. We aim to work on everyday bases with authentic founders who are the best at what they do.
2. Of course we love ideas (we are all dreamers), but we care more about converting them to reality.

3. Studio and Seed are our focus. As lead investor and partner, we see our relationships with entrepreneurs longterm - whether it is up or down - and we know what we’re talking about.

4. We work as entrepreneurs, being next to founders to co-create and invest in exceptional ventures. We help accelerate and structure the fundamentals to put the rocket on the launch-pad.

We believe in:
Humility - action pays more than marketing
Respect - interact and listen will always be more productive
Performance - improving product, numbers or quality bring us everyday happiness
Ambition - entrepreneurs and visionaries are often synonymous, so we are doing everything we can to make their projects a reality

6. We don’t buy hypergrowth for hypergrowth. Building and scaling a great company takes time. This is why we particularly care about client satisfaction, staff motivation and proudness.